United Earth Directorate Covert Operative (UED Ghost)

“You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind.”
- Terran ghost

Ghosts are feared terran covert operatives. They are known for their skill, psionic powers and ability to cloak.

Ghosts were chosen from psychically-gifted individuals who were quarantined by the United Powers League and trained from infancy to channel their psionic energies to augment their natural physical strength and endurance. Conscripts who successfully completed the UED Ghost Program’s rigorous training and augmentations then served as commandos and assassins.
Ghosts are trained in target shooting, close-quarters combat (martial arts and possibly other techniques) and vehicular expertise. Ghosts are also trained to move quickly and are desensitized to combat; an example would be Sarah Kerrigan’s training, who had a gun placed to her head by a guard and was ordered to kill the guard before he killed her. Kerrigan was subjected to this training at age twelve.

Ghosts were frequently tasked with locating targets and provide targeting for tactical nuclear strikes. Their reconnaissance role was aided by cybernetic enhancements to their eyes.

Ghosts have short life expectancies.

The United Earth Directorate had its own Ghost Program, even though its predecessor the United Powers League tried to wipe out mutants, including psychics. These ghosts played a key role in the assault on the Dylarian Shipyards. Alexei Stukov commanded the loyalty of a number of ghosts.
Directorate psychics were used to control the second Overmind.

The UED seems to have used psychic scientists who had not received ghost training in their efforts to control the zerg.

In the character creator format:

Character Name: UED Ghost
Alternate Identity:
Identity: Secret
Group Affiliation: United Earth Directorate
First Appearance:
Size: Medium
Power Level: 9
Power Points Available: 0.0
Strength Base: 16
Dexterity Base: 18
Constitution Base: 16
Intelligence Base: 14
Wisdom Base: 14
Charisma Base: 14
Strength Misc: 2
Dexterity Misc: 0
Constitution Misc: 0
Intelligence Misc: 0
Wisdom Misc: 0
Charisma Misc: 0
Fortitude Base: 6
Reflex Base: 3
Will Base: 4
Toughness Misc: 3
Toughness Power: 0
Toughness Feat: 0
Toughness Skill: 0
Fortitude Misc: 1
Reflex Misc: 0
Will Misc: 0
Attacks Base: 3
Defense Base: 9
Initiative Feat: 0
Initiative Power: 0
Initiative Misc: 4
Powers Total: 0
Powers: Hostile Environment Suit, Device 4 (hard-to-lose, Protection 2 (Impervious 2), Immunity 4 (radiation, disease, suffocation (limited), Super-Senses (Communication Link, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radio, Time Sense, Infrared), Healing 1 (Self-Only, Reaction), Enhanced Strength 2 )

Ocular Implants, Super-Senses 3 (X-Ray, Vision Extended 2)

Personal Cloaking Device 2 (hard-to-lose, Invisibility, Fades, Linked to Energy Absorption Power)

Psionic Energy Absorption 20 (Limited to Psionic Energy, Energy Storage, Power Magnet Only, PF: Energy Conversion)

E-11 Lockdown Device 2 (Sleep 9, Sedation, Duration, Limited to Mechanical Units, Linked to Energy Absorption Power)

EMP Shot, Nullify 9 (Area Burst 5, Applies to powers with the Psionic, Energy, or Cloaking descriptor, including Protoss Shields, Psionic Energy Absorption, Personal Cloaking, etc.)

Call-down Nuclear Stike (X-Power)

Telepathy 1 (Fades, Linked to Energy Absorption Power)

Psi-Screen, Device 1 (Mind Shield 2 (Fades, Linked to Energy Absorption Power) )

Drawbacks: Aggression Inhibitor (cannot attack superior), Ghost Conditioning, Memory Wipe###
Skills Total: 0
Skills: Acrobatics 4 (8)
Bluff 2 (
Climb 4 (8)
Computers 4 (
Concentration 4 (6)
Craft (Terran Technology) 1 (
Diplomacy 2 (4)
Disable Device 4 (
Disguise 1 (3)
Drive 4 (
Escape Artist 4 (8)
Gather Information 2 (
Intimidate 2 (4)
Investigate 4 (
Knowledge (Tactics) 4 (6)
Knowledge (Terran Technology) 2 (
Knowledge (Streetwise) 2 (4)
Medicine 1 (
Notice 4 (6)
Pilot 4 (
Profession (Assasin) 1 (3)
Search 4 (
Sense Motive 2 (4)
Sleight of Hand 4 (
Stealth 4 (8)
Survival 2 (
Swim 4 (+8)###
Feats Total: 0
Feats: Accurate Attack
Attack Specialization (C-20A)
Defensive Roll 3
Eidetic Memory
Evasion 2
Hide in Plain Sight
Improved Aim
Improved Initiative
Instant Up
Power Attack
Precise Shot 2
Prone Fighting
Skill Mastery (Stealth, Computers, Disable Device, Search)
Ultimate Aim
Uncanny Dodge (Vision)

Equipment 8 ( C-20A Rifle: Blast 9 (Penetrating 9, PF: Improved Critical 2, Improved Range, Laser Sight, Targeting Scope, Flashlight, Alternate Autofire Mode, Alternate Grenade Launcher Mode, EMP Grenade (See Above) ) )###

United Earth Directorate Covert Operative (UED Ghost)

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