Hyper-Evolutionary Virus

The zerg hyper-evolutionary virus is an infectious disease through which infestation of living organisms is carried out. Terrans, dogs and even the organic components of adjutants are susceptible to its effects whilst the protoss are (mostly) immune.

The virus mutates extremely rapidly, making the possibility of a cure seemingly impossible. It can be spread through water, blood, or other organic fluids. The protoss were able to devise a nano-tech serum that could reverse the effects of infestation, but this was apparently no longer viable by the Second Great War. The virus renders those infected vulnerable to UV radiation.

Protoss are (usually) protected from infestation by the fortitude of the Khala, but it has failed in at least one unusual circumstance. Terrans are not as fortunate; their psionic potential was noticed by the zerg and the virus was used as a means to an end to assimilate it. The Queen of Blades was an example of a successful infestation, but most terrans, even psychics, were rendered mindless drones by the process due to genetic incompatibility with the virus. Kerrigan made efforts to remedy this and succeeded in the infestation of Ethan Stewart.

Extreme mutation by the virus will turn a terran into an aberration.

Notably, the virus has been used in various forms to assimilate all of the core species of the zerg, from the Zz’Gashi Dune Runner (Zergling) to the docile Brontolith (Ultralisk). Although its effects differ from host to host, many traits are common and described below.

Evolutionary Shit 1 (Hyper-Evolved Form (limited), Additional Forms w/ Mutagen, 1 week gestation period, Involuntary Transformation, One-Way Transformation, Linked Mental and Physical Transform Effect 1 or more)

Hyper-Evolved Form (must include the following, at least 40 points):

  • Speed +1 (while on creep)
  • Burrowing +1 (if grounded), Flight +1 (if airborne), or Swimming +1 (if aquatic)
  • Regeneration +6
  • Shield +2
  • Protection +1 (Impervious +1)
  • Strike +1 (Mighty)
  • Enhanced Strength +2
  • Enhanced Dexterity +2
  • Enhanced Constitution +4
  • Super-Senses +11 (Communication Link, Danger Sense, Darkvision, Low-Light Vision, Scent, Tracking, Tremorsense, Ultra-Hearing)
  • Penetration +1 (for one attack, usually strike above)
  • Immunity (Aging, Disease, Vacuum, Sleep, Suffocation)

Depending on the length of gestation and/or the compatibility of the host, other symptoms may occur. For example, most Zerg have no special immunity or vulnerability to radiation, but some infested terran are known to be especially vulnerable to UV radiation. Also, infested intelligent creatures may be driven insane during the gestation period, and/or their bodies may bloat with volatile chemicals capable of producing a large acidic explosion (this usually indicates a failed infestation).

Hyper-Evolutionary Virus

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