CMC-200 Powered Combat Suit

The CMC-200 Powered Combat Suit was used in the 25th century. By 2478 it was being phased out by its successor, the CMC-300 and was considered obsolete by the Guild Wars, only being used for training. Still, Colonial Militias and law enforcement continued to use the CMC-200 during the Great War.

The CMC-200 is considered a 6 point Device (hard-to-lose) and is known to have the following features:

  • Air conditioner (a “backpack” which channels heat away from the body) (0 pp)
  • Visor System: Lights flicker on the interior of the visor’s rim acting as a basic guide. Green, yellow and presumably red feature, keeping the user informed of the suit’s integrity. (Super-Senses (Communication Link, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radio, Time Sense), 5 pp)
  • Shoulder housed ammunition reloads and sensor arrays. (see above)
  • Structural support (supports the user’s body, eg. adjusts itself to fit a firing stance, improving the gunner’s aim). (Enhanced Strength 8, Enhanced Dexterity 2, 10 pp)
  • Salvage System: Should the suit’s arm or leg be breached, the suit seals it off in a tourniquet. (Healing 1 (Self-Only, Reaction, 5 pp)
  • Immunity to most small arms fire. A needle gun can penetrate the suit, however. (Protection 3 (Impervious 3), 6 pp)
  • Seven day endurance on internal recycling alone. (0 pp)
  • Basic NBC (nuclear/biological/chemical) shielding. (Immunity 4 (radiation, disease, suffocation (limited), 4 pp)
  • Limited life support. (see above)

In addition, the suit is compatible with stimpacks, which are able to be installed under the arms. It is not compatible with combat shields, however.


Device 6 (hard-to-lose, Protection 3 (Impervious 3), Immunity 4 (radiation, disease, suffocation (limited), Super-Senses (Communication Link, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radio, Time Sense), Healing 1 (Self-Only, Reaction), Enhanced Strength 8, Enhanced Dexterity 2)

Terrans wearing this suit are considered Light, Biological, and Large. This confers upon them several benefits and detriments: The cost of defense is 1/2 of a point per point of defense, instead of a full point (this comes from being Light), however the character receives extra damage from characters that specifically target light or biological creatures. The character also receives the following: -1 attack & defense, +4 CMB & CMD, -4 stealth, -4 swim, -4 escape artist, -4 acrobatics, -4 sleight of hand, and +1 reach (this comes from being Large, see here).

The CMC-200 Powered Combat Suit weighs approximately 1,500 lbs and stands roughly 8-1/2 ft. tall while worn.

For more details, see here.

CMC-200 Powered Combat Suit

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