Private Jeff Scarf

The smartass, quick-witted tech guy.


Character Name: Private Jeff Scarf
Alternate Identity: None
Identity: Public
Group Affiliation: Colonial Militia
First Appearance:
Size: Large
Power Level: 6
Power Points Available: 0.0
Strength Base: 12
Dexterity Base: 12
Constitution Base: 13
Intelligence Base: 14
Wisdom Base: 10
Charisma Base: 12
Strength Misc: 10
Dexterity Misc: 2
Constitution Misc: 0
Intelligence Misc: 0
Wisdom Misc: 0
Charisma Misc: 0
Fortitude Base: 0
Reflex Base: 2
Will Base: 0
Toughness Misc: 2
Toughness Power: 0
Toughness Feat: 0
Toughness Skill: 0
Fortitude Misc: 1
Reflex Misc: 0
Will Misc: 0
Attacks Base: 2
Defense Base: 6
Initiative Feat: 0
Initiative Power: 0
Initiative Misc: 0
Powers Total: 0
Powers: Device 6 (hard-to-lose, Protection 3 (Impervious 3), Immunity 4 (radiation, disease, suffocation (limited), Super-Senses (Communication Link, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radio, Time Sense), Healing 1 (Self-Only, Reaction), Enhanced Strength 8, Enhanced Dexterity 2)


Skills Total: 0

  • Acrobatics 0 (-4)
  • Bluff 3 (+4)
  • Computers 2 (+2)
  • Craft Terran 6 (+8)
  • Craft Protoss 4 (+6)
  • Escape Artist 0 (-4)
  • Intimidate 0 (+2)
  • Knowledge Protoss 1 (+3)
  • Notice 2 (+2)
  • Pilot 2 (+3)
  • Sleight of Hand 0 (-4)
  • Stealth 0 (-3)
  • Survival 0 (+2)
  • Swim 0 (-3)


Feats Total: 0

  • Jack-Of-All-Trades
  • Dodge Focus
  • Ambidextrous
  • Move-By Action
  • Teamwork


Equipment 5 ( Blast 7 (Autofire, Penetrating 2, PF: Improved Critical, Improved Range, Laser Sight, Targeting Scope, Flashlight)


Jeffrey Scarf – Jeff to his friends – was determined to do his bit to protect humanity from the threat of destruction. He was equally determined to do this while staying as far from the front line as possible. With that in mind, and with his excellent academic record, Jeff managed to snag a place in the non-combat Alliance Science Corps.

It was here that Jeff found his knack for equipment repair and engineering, as well as ever-improving computer skills. Being part of the Science Corps also gave Jeff access to ancient and modern Protoss technology, with which he quickly familiarised himself.

Maybe it was the allure of living dangerously that prompted Jeff’s later actions. Maybe it was simply because he could do it and wanted to try. Or maybe it was because of several angry calls from a bookie who threatened to take his thumbs. For whatever reason, Jeff Scarf began selling Terran and Protoss tech on the black market. Never anything too dangerous, of course, and never anything that would be missed… largely because Jeff would log into the online manifests and remove any trace of said items. It proved to be a fairly lucrative business, but not a very long-lived one; soon Scarf was discovered and promptly arrested.

Jeff’s options were limited: court martial and execution or he could “volunteer” for a colonial militia. Both death sentences, Jeff figured, but since one was a bit more definite than the other, Scarf chose reassignment.

Since he figures he’s a dead man anyway, Jeff as a tendency to shoot his mouth off – after all, better to go down in “friendly fire” than get torn apart by a Zerg swarm. But it hasn’t happened yet, probably because his Captain is still holding out hope that the right Zerg will show up just as Private Scarf takes point…

Private Jeff Scarf

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